Since 1991, when our Regional Office was opened, we have managed an approximate 220,000 ha of national forests located in the Southwest region of the Korean Peninsula, including South and North Jeolla Provinces and part of South Gyeongsang Province.

There are diverse functions of forests: providing timber, absorbing carbon, recharging water resources, protecting biodiversity and pursuing forest welfare. In particular, these days, an increasing number of people are interested in forests as we have recently seen many emerging issues, such as climate change, fine dust and loss of biodiversity. In this regard, national forests play more important roles than ever.

In the future, our institution will promote and manage state-owned forest management projects that suit local characteristics, and implement state-owned forest policies with local residents to contribute to the creation of forest jobs and prevent various forest disasters such as pests, landslides, and forest fires.

In addition, we will actively communicate and collect the opinions of the people and develop them into a national forest that coexists with each other, so we ask for your interest and encouragement, and we will make efforts to become a Western Forest Service that is recognized by the people.
Thank you.

Cho Junkyu

Director General of Western Regional Office of Forest Service

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